Treating hepatitis C

Treatment can cure Hep C

Hepatitis C treatment is getting better all the time. More and more people are taking treatment and being cured of the virus.

  • New medications are able to cure Hep C in more people.
  • Treatment can last up to a year, but newer drugs are shortening that time to just a few months for some people.
  • Current treatments come with side effects, but many people find ways to manage them and finish treatment.
  • Treatment is expensive, but there are programs that can help you cover the cost. Talk to a healthcare worker.
  • A healthcare worker can help you make decisions about treatment and can also help you get ready.
  • Getting through treatment can save your liver. And your life.
  • If a person is cured of Hep C, they can still be infected again.

Learn about how to protect yourself and others.

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This information was provided by CATIE (Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange).

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